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Application of die casting in automobile

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2019/12/04 14:30
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The corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy castings is poor, and parts in bad environment are prone to corrosion failure, which has become a key factor restricting its wider application. At present, the commonly used anti-corrosion measures have limitations in varying degrees, especially for the complex shape of magnesium alloy castings 11-41. Therefore, the research on new surface anti-corrosion technology has become an important topic to expand the application of magnesium alloy castings.
The surface modification of castings by casting method is simple and can be directly completed in the process of burning injection without special equipment. Olivier beort et al. 151 prepared high volume fraction SiC particle strength fund project by using pressure casting technology: National Natural Science Foundation (50775085) aluminum matrix composite, and studied the influence of Mg Addition on the interface structure between the preform and the melt, and the influence of Cu and Zn addition on the strength of the composite layer. D. coupard et al. 16 studied the types of binders and the volume fraction of graphite and aluminum powder in the preparation of cusm2 alloy matrix composites by using the pressure casting process. They thought that the two had a great influence on the quality of the cast-in-situ layer. Lmpeng et al 171 prepared Si3, - Al matrix composites under 0.93mpa pressure. The highest fracture strength of the interface can reach 8.2mpa. The control of porosity and the interface reaction of the composites were studied. It is considered that the reaction degree increases with the increase of casting temperature. In this paper, the EPC process is used to increase the infiltration driving force of the molten matrix by a certain degree of vacuum, and the composite layer is prepared by liquid-solid reaction on the surface of magnesium alloy. On the basis of relevant research, aluminum powder is used as alloying material.
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Study on surface modification of EPC magnesium alloy castings
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